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The past few days have been a study of personal endurance in the face of overwhelming odds.  For the many kind people who have followed my blog, and managed to grasp the gist of my struggle, those amazing souls have … Continue reading

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Ally Moms (For Parents of Transgender Children)

Sharing this for Leelah Alcorn and Brandon Teena and all the young lives that have been lost.  Follow the link below… Ally Moms. Terms and Conditions of Use All content provided on this DogDharma blog is for informational and entertainment purposes … Continue reading

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Being a Daddy

There’s one thing that can’t be stolen: memories.  For the bad memories, this is a curse, but for the good memories it is a blessing.  Or perhaps together, they make this montage called Life? In any case, my wife had … Continue reading

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My Mother, the Psychopath (Maybe?)

I really hate writing about my mother.  It feels like I’m breaching the bounds of loyalty — an agreement I never made, but had somehow felt obligated to uphold.  She died in 2012, and so she’s not here to speak … Continue reading

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