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Ally Moms (For Parents of Transgender Children)

Sharing this for Leelah Alcorn and Brandon Teena and all the young lives that have been lost.  Follow the link below… Ally Moms. Terms and Conditions of Use All content provided on this DogDharma blog is for informational and entertainment purposes … Continue reading

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“My Death Needs to Mean Something” — Leelah Alcorn

The heartbreaking suicide of Leelah Acorn is making a storm in the news and in social media.  A small sample of articles: #BBCtrending: Leelah Alcorn’s public suicide note from BBC: So starts a suicide note written by Leelah Alcorn, a … Continue reading

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Being a Daddy

There’s one thing that can’t be stolen: memories.  For the bad memories, this is a curse, but for the good memories it is a blessing.  Or perhaps together, they make this montage called Life? In any case, my wife had … Continue reading

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The Post I Never Thought I’d Write

Six months of gut-wrenching middle-of-the-night blogging, propelled like my soul was drowning and on a mission for signs of survival.  Fervently wishing that one single post could sum up what I’ve experienced in this magnificent, heartbreaking life I’ve lived.  Fueled … Continue reading

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We Are Family

I’ve been slack on posting while many things emerge, submerge, converge.  My disparate family has come together in a remarkable way.  I am 1/2 Italian, 1/4 German, and 1/4 English / Irish / Scot / mutt. The top photograph is … Continue reading

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Humor is Humerus

Humor is a “funny” thing.  Har har.  Sometimes humor is not too humerus: If you’re not careful with your jokes, you’ll offend someone, which could by touchy.  (Did I mean touché?) I do not like to see or make jokes … Continue reading

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Coming Out — Your True Colors

This is a post about the strange story of how I came out to my family as transgendered.  But before I can tell that story, I have to explain how I came out to my mother as lesbian.  It’s hard … Continue reading

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