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F*ck It List

We are all our own worse critics: Should do…. Shouldn’t do… Should’ve done… Shouldn’t have done… My “to do” list has grown to a Master To-Do List with infinite sub-lists.  The bright and shining people talk about “bucket lists” and … Continue reading

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I Used to be A Systems Engineer….

I had gotten my BS degree in computer science at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, otherwise known as the University of Last Resort. Well, this certainly brings back some memories… I had originally intended to become a therapist … Continue reading

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Live or Die? – Suicide, Part 7

The Last Page Revisited No, I don’t want to die.  Not today, not tomorrow.  I want to know the “end of the story,” and I can’t find out what happens if I shut the book before I read the last … Continue reading

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Sleep Through the Rage – Suicide, Part 5

But that was far from the end.  With every ounce of courage and strength I could muster, I made it through Kim leaving me, moved to Greenbelt, kept and cared for my dogs, and cobbled together a feeble support network.  … Continue reading

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Bayer Aspirin – Suicide, Part 2

Back to school I went, with the same problems, the same cruel bullying, and every other thing that is too lengthy to share now.  I don’t know how many days or weeks passed, but my desire to no longer be … Continue reading

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