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Self-Care, Mothering, More on Cognitive Dissonance (plus Cornea Transplant)

Pardon me while I collect my thoughts.  I have several competing notions, all vying for the spotlight.  As I was shuffling the quizzical stockpile of flickering thought-gasps, I stumbled upon this article: The inspiration for Norman Bates? Alfred Hitchcock pictured … Continue reading

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How “Blind” Are You?

I wanted to write a post about blindness. It’s an aspect of my life I haven’t mentioned a great deal, except in passing. I have written about things to do with transitioning from female to male and GLBTQ* matters. I’ve … Continue reading

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The Truth Will Prevail: Things Happen for a Reason

I have had the most amazing day!!!  Something I never dreamed would happen, but it did…  But before I get into what happened, a few meanderings if you’ll put up with them.  This first bit is for Claire. Just to … Continue reading

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