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Having spent a good long while now — much longer than I would have thought — studying the nature of good vs evil and psychopathy, I come to the conclusion that cognitive dissonance is the most shattering part of dealing … Continue reading

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I’m Not a “Mug” …Anymore

Mug from Oxford Dictionaries: British informal A stupid or gullible person. Mug from Wiktionary: (UK, slang) A stupid or contemptible person. When I first moved to the Washington, DC, area in the summer of 1993, I made a friend I’ll … Continue reading

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Trust, Doubt, and Certainty

Trust, from Merriam-Webster: trust noun \ˈtrəst\ : belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc. trust verb \ˈtrəst\ : to believe that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc. : to have confidence in (someone … Continue reading

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Random Songs and Images of the Night….

Spouse #1:  “Are you asking me to impale myself on trust again?” Spouse #2:  “Yes, I’m asking you to impale yourself on trust again.” Terms and Conditions of Use All content provided on this DogDharma blog is for informational and entertainment … Continue reading

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This is one of the most important posts I will ever write.  I’ll have a follow-up post in a few days. There are a lot of things that are challenging about being transgendered.  A comment I often get from kind … Continue reading

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