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Dangers of Recovery Forums for Survivors of Psychopaths

I have not seen my psychopath in 2 1/2 years.  It’s been a long road to recovery, and perhaps like the AA philosophy of once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic.  However, one does move from victim to survivor.  With deep … Continue reading

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Having spent a good long while now — much longer than I would have thought — studying the nature of good vs evil and psychopathy, I come to the conclusion that cognitive dissonance is the most shattering part of dealing … Continue reading

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The past few days have been a study of personal endurance in the face of overwhelming odds.  For the many kind people who have followed my blog, and managed to grasp the gist of my struggle, those amazing souls have … Continue reading

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Self-Care, Mothering, More on Cognitive Dissonance (plus Cornea Transplant)

Pardon me while I collect my thoughts.  I have several competing notions, all vying for the spotlight.  As I was shuffling the quizzical stockpile of flickering thought-gasps, I stumbled upon this article: The inspiration for Norman Bates? Alfred Hitchcock pictured … Continue reading

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Cognitive Dissonance

This is not a happy post, so *TRIGGER ALERT*… Various things are on my mind tonight, and hope that they will merge into something coherent.  When we are in an abusive relationship, involved with someone with psychopathic tendencies, if not … Continue reading

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Psychopathic Family Values and the Pandemic of Psychopathy

The past few days alone, having sat through watching the results of the US Senate’s Committee on Intelligence release its report on torture (with Dick Cheney saying “I’d do it again.”) and the horrific events that unfolded in Sydney, Australia, … Continue reading

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