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The U.S. and Greenland

Marriage Equality As of June 26, 2015: To date: 23 countries have legalized same-sex marriage: Argentina (2010), Belgium (2003), Brazil (2013), Canada (nationwide 2005), Denmark (2012), Finland (eff. 2017) France (2013), Greenland (Oct. 2015) Iceland (2010), Ireland (eff. TBD) Luxembourg … Continue reading

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Humor is Humerus

Humor is a “funny” thing.  Har har.  Sometimes humor is not too humerus: If you’re not careful with your jokes, you’ll offend someone, which could by touchy.  (Did I mean touché?) I do not like to see or make jokes … Continue reading

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I’m Getting Married!!!

Yes, it’s true — I’m getting married!!!  But hold on a second, I’m already married … that would be bigamy, right?  (See  NO DIVORCE (and Other Artifacts and Bigamy Is a Crime). Screenshots above from the wedding video — if … Continue reading

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Psychopath Drama Before Your Eyes — Some Responses

I Didn’t Ask for This to Happen When I married Paula, I was under the illusion of her lie that she owned her home.  I’ve written about this and talked about it so many times I could puke.  As I’ve … Continue reading

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Daddy — The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

My daddy was the greatest man who ever walked the earth.  Really.  Honestly.  I’d like to tell you a little bit about him so that maybe you will love him, too. Fifty-two years since his death, and I doubt a … Continue reading

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I have been trying to attend a weekly centering prayer meditation group in my small community.  I really didn’t want to make my way there tonight.  I’d had little sleep, and had two appointments that demanded I be alert.  I … Continue reading

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The Whole World is Crying

I was rocked to the core when I read about the suicide death of Robin Williams last night.  I have enjoyed so many of his movies and his comedic style.  His death was “trending” on Facebook, and everyone was expressing … Continue reading

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