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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

One of the songs that I’ve always loved, the line “you make it hurt so good” very prescient… The first song I ever posted to Facebook for Paula… Paula introduced me to British boy band Westlife, and this was their … Continue reading

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The TRUTH Finally Revealed (…and It Wants to Give You a Big Fat Hug!)

Short post of the day, with a giggle and a thanks to L for sharing.  Must watch to the end to get to the “truth”: Terms and Conditions of Use All content provided on this DogDharma blog is for informational and … Continue reading

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Pinocchio Was a Bad Motivational Speaker

I continue to maintain that the one immutable truth about a psychopath (sociopath, malignant narcissist, pick your favorite label), is that they all tell lies.  Other characteristics identified by experts and victims may be present to some degree or not … Continue reading

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A Message of Hope: That’s What Friends are For

When you are touched by a psychopath, you cannot but be riddled by self-doubt.  Trusting again is a hard, hard road.  Finding friends who have been through the same kind of experience is a blessing.  But reconnecting with someone who … Continue reading

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Psychopath Drama Before Your Eyes — Some Responses

I Didn’t Ask for This to Happen When I married Paula, I was under the illusion of her lie that she owned her home.  I’ve written about this and talked about it so many times I could puke.  As I’ve … Continue reading

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How to Detect a Liar

This is just my personal opinion based upon my experience, but the one universal trait of a psychopath is lying.  Psychopaths lie constantly.  They tell little lies, they tell big lies.  They tell lies even when the truth would seem … Continue reading

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Marriage — A Retropective in Pictures

There are a lot of photographs I could share, but I have chosen for now to not include any photographs of the children or any “compromising” pictures, except for the following: This is one that Paula sent to me in … Continue reading

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