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101 Years of Sad Eyes

So I had my little jaunt to the Wilmer Eye Institute at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland today.  I was up at 8:00am (thank you, L!), and showered.  GHI maintenance was here to repair my window — another blog … Continue reading

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How “Blind” Are You?

I wanted to write a post about blindness. It’s an aspect of my life I haven’t mentioned a great deal, except in passing. I have written about things to do with transitioning from female to male and GLBTQ* matters. I’ve … Continue reading

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The Ayes and the Eyes Have It

I am feeling sorry for myself, possibly for good reason.  Feeling sorry for oneself doesn’t change anything, but sometimes it’s a needed release, and sometimes it can spur us to productive action.  So I’m going to indulge myself, and if … Continue reading

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