Home, Sweet Home

Mother and Child Statue Roosevelt Center Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

Mother and Child Statue
Roosevelt Center
Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

In a previous post, I shared a YouTube video of where I lived in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, England.  I’ve now found someone’s video of where I live now in Greenbelt, Maryland, USA (and where I was living before I moved to England).  It’s a bike tour of the area, and I’ve done about 4/5 of the route shown when my eyesight was better, I was physically fit, and I had a friend to guide me on treacherous streets.  The first part goes through the Roosevelt Center which is a 2 minute walk from my house.  In those bygone days, I could take 30 mile bike rides all the way to Mount Vernon in Virginia from Greenbelt on the lovely off-road bike trails in metropolitan DC.  So this is just a view of my little spot on the earth, and where many memories have been made.

Before the video, one share:

Terry makes the Greenbelt News Review in 2006.

Terry makes the Greenbelt News Review in 2006.

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