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What’s My Name? (Gotta Laugh, Gotta Love…)

Names, again!!!¬† ūüôā¬† Okay, so I did my post on Gloria, right?¬† What I didn’t mention exactly was that I always hated my name, even before being transgendered was at the tip-top of my consciousness.¬† There was not being able … Continue reading

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LGBTQ Children in Catholic Families: A Deacon‚Äôs View of Holy Family Sunday

Originally posted on Bondings 2.0:
Today’s post is written by a guest blogger:¬†Deacon Ray Dever of St. Paul Catholic Church, Tampa, Florida. On this first Sunday after Christmas, the Church observes the feast of the Holy Family.¬† And with that observance…

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Two Views

From the Beatles’ song: Little darling It’s been a long, cold lonely winter Little darling It feels like years since it’s been here Terms and Conditions of¬†Use All content provided on this DogDharma blog is for informational and entertainment purposes … Continue reading

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My birth forename was “Gloria” — shhhhh….¬† Now that I’ve told you, I’ll have to twist your knickers if you repeat it!! Can you begin to imagine a worse name being given to a girl child who would identify as … Continue reading

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Who’s Coming to Town?

Whatever faith has gripped your heart, or none at all — Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Pagan, Hindu, or pink fairies with magic wands, we all believed in this guy at one time or another, no?¬† Were you one of those kids … Continue reading

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Being a Daddy

There’s one thing that can’t be stolen: memories.¬† For the bad memories, this is a curse, but for the good memories it is a blessing.¬† Or perhaps together, they make this montage called Life? In any case, my wife had … Continue reading

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I Really Learned A Lot…

I stumbled across this old favorite I knew by Nazareth, but done by someone else… Terms and Conditions of¬†Use All content provided on this DogDharma blog is for informational and entertainment purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no … Continue reading

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