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It Isn’t Love – It Is Narcissistic Abuse

Originally posted on After Narcissistic Abuse:
Love doesn’t destroy us. A lack of love Destroys us. Narcissism is the antithesis of love. How? Here are 5 Ways Narcissism prevents Love in relationships: 1. YOU CAN’T HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHERS…

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It’s Okay

Are you GLBTQ* (whatever politically correct acronym) and struggling with spirituality?  Hindu, Buddhism, Judaism, Muslim, pagan, and especially fundamentalist Christian?  My friend, L, shared with me a couple of blog articles that match my perspective.  If you give them a … Continue reading

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Where Have You Been?

This is just a random assortment of many places I’ve had the good fortune (or not so good fortune) to visit or be at over the years.  Many, many more unshared as of yet! Been to Chicago, too, in 1962, … Continue reading

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Facebook Memes

There’s a Facebook meme going around.  “Google image your first name and ‘meme’ to see what you get. What is the first image that appears…?”  This above was mine.  Google is very wise.  🙂 Bonus video of Black Friday at … Continue reading

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I Love My Brothers

Important Note: If there are any FTM or transmasculine-identified folks out there who have stumbled across my blog, are on Facebook, and if you have been a victim of domestic violence, rape, or abuse, and if you are seeking support … Continue reading

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We Are Family

I’ve been slack on posting while many things emerge, submerge, converge.  My disparate family has come together in a remarkable way.  I am 1/2 Italian, 1/4 German, and 1/4 English / Irish / Scot / mutt. The top photograph is … Continue reading

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Thankful — Are You Really Looking?

I was going through boxes of old photos and mementos again today.  I found this letter from my mom, typed on a “Thinking of You” card after I transitioned from female to male.  Now she did make a lot of … Continue reading

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