In one of my social media networks, someone posted the following:

When it comes to numbers I am basically illiterate… well I can add up and all that but doing calculations is really beyond me and when you go from inches to metres and all that I am totally screwed so can someone help out here? Room is 16 feet 7 inches by 10 feet 3 inches, the tiles I want to get are 305 mm by 305 mm so – how many do I need to buy???

Can you figure it out?  What a thing to make the head explode first thing in the morning!!  🙂

You have what’s needed in feet and inches, which must be converted to inches so you are using the same unit.  Then you have to multiply the length in inches by the width in inches to get the number of squared inches to be tiled.

Next you have the size of the tiles, given in millimeters.  And you have to multiply length by width to get squared millimeters.  Now you have to convert squared inches to squared millimeters or vice versa so you are working with the same units.  And once you have the same units to work with, you have to divide the size of the area to be covered by the size of the tiles, which will give you the number of tiles to be purchased.

What answer did you get?  Did you bother?  It took some mental gymnastics, but I recommended 164 tiles minimum, with extra for mistakes.  If your head is foggy, as mine often is, give it a go and tell me if I’m right!

I wish life was so cut-and-dried.  A good lesson for calculating the immeasurables, like love and friendship and honesty and integrity and trust and kindness and keeping promises and vows, and when to say, “I’m sorry.”  Thank you to my friend who writes some awesome ditties that make me smile, and who has unexpectedly given me another life lesson!!

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9 Responses to Immeasurable

  1. Jamie Ray says:

    Since the tiles are discreet units I would look at it slightly differently.
    16ft-7 inches is 5,055mm, which would require 17 tiles across (rounding up).
    10ft-3 inches is 3124mm, which would require 11 tiles down (rounding up).
    11*17 is 187, so I’d advise that as the minimum. If there is a lot of grout or a border, they’d probably be safe with the smaller number.

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    • DogDharma says:


      From my friend: “Good Fred! Teddy [my nickname] thank you. I wish my brain could comprehend the whole thing but between you and the answer you got on your blog (which sounded very calm and collected so obviously offered up by someone who knows there millimetres from their millipedes) I think I am looking at buying 200 tiles to allow for the almost inevitable breaking, miscutting and all the rest that is sure to occur as I do my thing… Angels one and all thanks everyone.

      We are boffins! 🙂

      A boffin is British slang for a scientist, engineer, or other person engaged in technical or scientific work. The original World War II conception of war-winning researchers means that the term tends to have more positive connotations than related terms like egghead, nerd, or geek.
      Boffin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  2. DogDharma says:

    Oh, yes!! It’s been quite a while since I laid tiles, and I didn’t think about that. Thanks, Jamie! Your brain is a little less foggier than mine! 🙂


  3. mandy says:

    I’m sorry, my eyes just got really blurry when I got past feet and inches–squared millimeters, centimeters…squared anything has always pushed me over the cliff. (Can I still be in the club?) 😀

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  4. DogDharma says:

    Mandy, I won’t even whisper quadratic equations, multiplying matrices, and imaginary numbers. You are already in my club 🙂 — though I’m not sure our club is one to aspire to. 🙂 Instead of clubs, maybe spades to dig our way out, diamonds to sustain our earthly needs, and most of all, hearts. ❤

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    • mandy says:

      Perfect! Throw in a pup and I’m in 🙂


      • DogDharma says:

        My two pups are in the club. I need a doggie DNA kit though. I come home to find out that ONE of them has partially chewed up the instruction booklet to my new telephone. It’s not like they don’t have Kongs and other toys. Neither will confess, and I’m facing the time change this weekend, and so I guess I will have to search for an on-line instruction manual for the new telephone! 🙂 I hope Joey is better behaved than my boogers!

        Liked by 1 person

      • mandy says:

        I’m sure there is an explanation for the little rascal’s behavior-have you been spending an inordinate amount of time on the telephone? Quite frankly, Grady could get away with murder with his adorable innocent looks, and Cecil probably takes the blame a lot. Am I way off base? Joey is perfect. Oh wait–he DOES have an affinity for my reading glasses. The rough stems from his chewing chafe my ears and do not make me feel warm and fuzzy, if bonding is his objective! Kids! Lol.

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  5. DogDharma says:

    Me and the telephone are a no-go for the most part. Perhaps too much time blogging? 🙂

    Preliminary forensic evidence showed Cecil squatting in the shreds of paper, with Grady looking innocent. Both refused lie detector tests and demanded representation of an attorney. 🙂 They are youngsters, under 2 years old, and both want to be charged in a juvenile court. Given that their mobile vet chastised me for giving them too many treats, witness impact statements are forthcoming.

    On the whole, daddy is to blame. He knows to keep enticing items out of reach. He never forgets to put his shoes where they can’t be reached! Learned his lesson. And OMG, the glasses are kept well out of reach. (Does Joey need an appointment with a veterinary ophthalmologist? 🙂 )

    They are my heart and my soul, and I think / hope they forgive me for my time spent blogging and healing and aching. They get quality food ahead of my potato chips and popcorn, and they get vet care ahead of my medical needs. Every single day, they teach me about unconditional love; I’m a poor student, but I am learning.


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