Do It on Your OWN Dime


I am so livid, I could spit nails.

Change Back

See Transexual demands £10,000 NHS sex change op is reversed complaining ‘it’s exhausting being a woman’ in the UK’s Mirror.

Chelsea Attonley, 30, who was born a boy called Matthew want taxpayers to foot the bill moaning that being a woman is too “exhausting.”

But now, seven years after his momentous decision to become a woman, Chelsea wants to go back to being a man – with the taxpayer footing the bill.

Chelsea, who lives on welfare benefits, told Closer magazine she finds dressing and acting as a girl “exhausting” and feels she has never been accepted as a real woman.

She added: “Now I have decided I want to live as Matthew, I am desperate to have my FF-cup boobs removed.

“I can’t afford to have them done privately, so I am hoping to have the op on the NHS.’

So many of us in the US and elsewhere can’t afford the surgery we need.  We have the gate-keepers who demand to tell us what we are and what we aren’t.  If we are well and truly transgendered, and get a “gate-keeper” who refuses to “bless” us, we are screwed until we find one who will — all at our own expense, and at the risk of our lives when the dysphoria is intense.

Only now beginning to make inroads in educating the general public as well as medical professionals, we get something like this Matthew Attonley.  OH MY WORD!!  Let him / her pay to have his / her FF cups removed, and keep quiet so that the rest of us are not set back decades!!

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