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I Hate Sam Vaknin, But….

Sam Vaknin is a self-avowed and diagnosed malignant narcissist.  As a survivor of a psychopathic relationship, Vaknin’s prolific writings may be one of the first sources of information you come across.  I know that’s how it was for me.  Beware, … Continue reading

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In one of my social media networks, someone posted the following: When it comes to numbers I am basically illiterate… well I can add up and all that but doing calculations is really beyond me and when you go from … Continue reading

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You’re So Vain….

Well, writing is supposed to be therapeutic according to recent research. My writing lately has been on my blog, DogDharma. Little did I know what an odyssey it would be when I started in earnest last June. I have nothing … Continue reading

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Integrity, Being Transgendered, Theology, and the Norway Connection

First off, don’t get me wrong.  Norway is just fine.  I have never been to Norway, but I’ve been to Finland, and I love the Scandinavian countries. On Being Transgendered and Theology: Transitioning from female to male was a one-of-a-kind … Continue reading

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Paula Simmons and Domestic Violence

I saw this article in the Mirror and it brought back memories:  Domestic abuse victim devises cunning plan to get help – by phoning up for takeaway pizza.  Be sure to read the transcript of the 999 call and watch … Continue reading

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Sheep & “Being True”

Old Ewe: We’ve got something here that might be of use to our pig. Sheep, Sheep, Sheep: Password! Password! Old Ewe: Before we gives you anything, wolf, you’ll be making us a solemn, promise. Rex the Male Sheepdog: Yes? Sheep: Treat us … Continue reading

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The Wheels Are Turning

the wheels are turning — something that you say which means a process is starting to happen So, the big day, October 22, has come and nearly gone, and I won’t disclose more just yet other than to say, “the … Continue reading

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