The Ayes and the Eyes Have It


I am feeling sorry for myself, possibly for good reason.  Feeling sorry for oneself doesn’t change anything, but sometimes it’s a needed release, and sometimes it can spur us to productive action.  So I’m going to indulge myself, and if nothing comes out of it but another blog post, then I’ll have accomplished one thing.  I’d rather be doing a blog post on the Scottish referendum, but perhaps that will wait till the results are in.

My eye problems have worsened over the past few years as I was drained by that thing I thought was a marriage but wasn’t, at least on the part of my wife.  Without family or a good support system, just getting to an ophthalmologist was a transportation hurdle I couldn’t cross.  And that was made even more of an obstacle because I can’t to go just “any” eye doctor.  My eye condition was present at birth, 57 years ago, and so most eye doctors, with the improvements in treatment techniques, medications, and surgeries, have never seen the complications I grew up with.  For best care, I need a top notch ophthalmologist — and not just one, but specialists in glaucoma, cataracts and aphakia, and corneal diseases.

I have been having a lot of eye pain (not trivial for someone who fell asleep while having a tattoo done), and so I finally managed to get to an eye doctor several months ago.  Due to transportation limitations, I was forced to go to “just any old eye doctor,” and she alarmed me by finding my eye pressure to be about 26 in both eyes — 12 to 15 is normal.  I suspected she was wrong because of relative lack of experience, and because I know what it feels like when my pressure is too high.  But still, the worry, and the possibility of irreversibly optic nerve damage.  She referred me to the glaucoma specialist I would have gone to had the transportation not been an issue.

I got my act together, scrambled around, and solved the transportation issue, seeing Dr. Weiss last month.  Per my suspicion, my glaucoma pressure was in an acceptable range — about 18.  High enough that it needs to be checked regularly in case it gets worse, but not bad enough that medical intervention is immediately required.  A follow-up visit was had last week, and the pressure was still okay, but my corneas were in very bad shape, oozing strings of crud, hence the severe pain I’d been enduring.

I was given an urgent appointment with the cornea specialist for this past Monday, but again, for lack of transportation, I had to move the appointment to tomorrow.  I’m a bundle of nerves, and waiting for the results of the Scottish referendum is keeping my mind off the worrisome possibilities.

Go Scotland!!!

Sharing a few photographs from my “eye history” along with a chuckle or two…

1984_eye_right_psychedelic 2009-01-13 Terry Eye - 002 2009-01-13 Terry Eye - 003 2010-11-09 Terry with Hot Compress for Eyes A015-eye_therapy A018-glass_eye A031-sore_eyes eyeglasses_02 eyeglasses_03 integrity_eyeglasses River Thames and London Eye - UK - 2009 Terry Eyes - 2000 Terry in Binghamton NY after eye surgery - 1987 1984-02-13 Right & Left Eyeballs 1984_eye_left 1984_eye_right_close peeping_hole

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11 Responses to The Ayes and the Eyes Have It

  1. georgiakevin says:

    Please accept my sympathy and my congratulations on a post that is soo well written.

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  2. Ow. That sounds dreadful. Hope you get some good doctors and meds soon.

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  3. DogDharma says:

    Thank you, Kevin. A high compliment, and I guess I’m blessed that the words spew forth even in the storm!


  4. LOL….love the comics! The glasses are FAB, dahling! I’m so sorry to hear about this, but also glad that Glaucoma is not to the point of medical intervention. My eyes are horrible and due to abject poverty, my insurance does not cover eye care. Sure need it though as these cockeyed suckers are nothing but a good laugh for the occasional guest in my home LOL.

    Dying to read what you write about Scotland. Not sure what I think about it, but if anything, that is a glaring example of what happens when people are informed and CARE about what happens to them politically. I heard there was 97% turnout. UNBELIEVABLE!

    Take care of yourself now….

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  5. Oh and let us know how things go!!!

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    • DogDharma says:

      You think those glasses are fab?? If you knew how I was tormented by kids over them!! You’re now on my list of favorite people! 🙂

      Don’t get me started on lack of universal health care…. I have a LOT to say on that topic, having experienced it on both sides of the ocean. That ties in with the Scottish vote as well. Too bad, BBC has just now announced that Clackmannanshire, a small “precinct” has had an 89% turnout with 54% voting no. 😦


  6. pambrittain says:

    Hubby now has two extra holes in his eyes/head. Pressure’s off and life is good. Hope yours get better.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. DogDharma says:

    Oh no! I hope hubby is okay! I think there must be some extra holes in my head, too, because the stuff I need / want to remember is leaking out somewhere! I’m doing pretty good — I’ll have to decide if I need to whine some more (or wine some more? — no, that would be BEER some more) or post something funny.


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