Heaven and Hell

I have found Heaven and Hell!  Oddly enough, both are located in Michigan.

Hell to Heaven in Michigan

Don’t believe me?  Look here.  The driving directions are from Hell to Heaven, but if you prefer to get to Hell, you can reverse the driving directions.

Heaven is also located in Denmark:

Heaven in Denmark

Doubt me?  Look here.

Do our pets, our beloved dogs and cats go to Heaven?  You bet!  This and one or two other funnies…

Cats in Heaven Dogs in Heaven Halo Frisbee in Heaven Heaven and Hell 2 Heaven and Hellheaven

Do psychopaths go to Heaven?  I doubt it — they never admit the wrongs they do.  Here’s where they go:

Psychopath in Hell

Maybe the rest of us end up here (let’s hope!):


This is for someone missing her mum, and for anyone missing a loved one or a beloved dog lost:

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4 Responses to Heaven and Hell

  1. DogDharma says:

    ❤ Ya have to interject a little humor here and there! 🙂


  2. maggyann says:

    I wonder how places get their names in the first place. I can understand someone wanting to have Heaven as their address but who would want Hell? Weird! I have noticed when reading different things her eand there that in America there are lots of ‘weird’ names for places but I think (don’t know just guessing) that many will be derived from the native languages by ‘the white man’ many moons ago.
    I do think doggies and all animals go to Heaven, even trees etc go there when they die otherwise where would the trees in heaven come from???
    If you haven’t ever read it do google ‘rainbow bridge’ that will explain all about doggies and heaven.
    I think psychos go to heaven just the same as everyone else. They were here on a mission and when they re-die they go back for a debrief just as more ‘normal’ folks do so they are eventually ready for a re-birth and so on. Hell as an actual place is more likely to be Earth than a over warm fiery inferno.
    Course I have strange ideas sometimes, but don’t worry I am used to them. 🙂


  3. DogDharma says:

    Maggie, did you know there’s a whole subfield of linguistics that deals with the naming of places (and people and things). You might this post of mine, and you can tell me if I’ve made any wrong statements re: Brit language and terminology: https://dogdharma.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/whats-this-thing/

    I don’t know that there is an actual literal heaven and hell in the religious sense. I have been more learning toward the idea of people moving on to a next life where we eventually evolve into better creatures who are kinder with kinder souls and learn lessons along the way. I am mostly agnostic on that one, while being open to whatever I learn in this lifetime. If a real and literal heaven and hell exists (and hell isn’t just earth as we humans have mucked it up), then I’m sure dogs get into heaven before humans, and psychopaths go to hell unless they see the error in their ways and make amends sincerely — but conventional wisdom holds that they never change. {{hugs}}


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