Notes from My Sofa

Notes from Sofa

Reader Alert:  Boring Post!

Nope, these notes are not really coming from my sofa, but I do get lots of my ideas while snuggled under 8 paws, 2 canine tails, and flopped on the soft cushions with the TV going for background noise, and my blanket for security.  With the validation I’ve received recently, and learning about some lies I never even dreamed existed, the last whimpering shreds of cognitive dissonance are gone up in vapor.  Hallelujah!

24 hours without cigarettes, and I’m not kidding myself they’ve released their hold.  3 nights of nothing taken for anxiety.  Multiple efforts at self-care going in tangent, with back-to-back appointments this week, and looking forward to a weekend visit from a friend, and a pub quiz later this month.  Little steps for DogDharma, giant leaps for healing.

Thanks to L for checking on me last night.

This has been my life up to now:

Freak Out

Feels wonderful to be (tentatively) rejoining the land of the living!

Did warn ya this was going to be a boring post!  🙂

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7 Responses to Notes from My Sofa

  1. maggyann says:

    Not boring at all my dear. Taking control is never boring, bumpy maybe but not boring. Good Luck with everything. I too have begun to take up the reins of living and comfort myself with the thought that if I fail then I will have done it – it won’t have been at anyone else’s hand, all me! Failure or success as far as I am concerned will be an achievement of sorts either way just by the very fact of having tried.


  2. I like your diagram!

    Also a nice image, you on your couch with all those paws!x


  3. DogDharma says:

    Shameful admission — I “borrowed” the diagram, tj. But me and the paws on the sofa is real. I sometimes think I should give over the turf to them, as they are already making me the human pretzel. 🙂


  4. Tela says:

    Always nice to read when the cold reality of who/what were dealing with, sinks in…..and we are able to make steps beyond them! Enjoy this new found ‘freedom’ from the darkness!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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