A Victory Song


Warning! Warning! Warning!  This is NOT a post about psychopaths!  🙂

I have to tell a little story. This evening, I went to enjoy the Greenbelt Labor Day festivities at the Roosevelt Center with my friends, Shawn and Laura. When I got home, I discovered my wallet wasn’t in my shorts pocket. Panic, panic, panic!! I looked around my house to see if I’d dropped it on the floor on the way in the house, but couldn’t find it. Oh no, oh no!! A couple of months ago, ONE of my pups had gotten a-hold of my wallet and gave it good chew (the guilty party never confessed). I had to replace a lot of stuff, and some stuff still bears the teeth marks of the guilty canine, and I had to buy a new wallet. Without my wallet, I had NO money, NO credit cards, NO ATM card — i.e., going hungry for several days until everything can be replaced — but this timeI I really mean EVERYTHING!!

So, I thought perhaps the wallet had fallen out of my pocket at the picnic where we’d been sitting. I was exhausted, but went trotting back to the center. Bent down and started poking around in the grass. A whole new set of people were sitting around the tables where we’d been sitting. A kind lady saw me looking around, and said, “Did you lose your wallet?” Yes, yes, yes!! She told me it had been turned in at the police booth.

Now it was quite dark by now, and the contrast between the darkness and the glaring festival lights made it hard to see. I maneuvered slowly and found the police booth. Got a police officer’s attention, and asked if a wallet had been turned in. He asked my name, and I said, “Mr. Psychopath Central.” (Just kidding on that one, I gave him my name.)  He told me that the wallet was at the information booth, and had been taken care of by Linda What’s-Her-Name. I was familiar with Linda from all the GHI units I’ve purchased in my various moves over the past 10+ years. I asked where the information booth was located, and the police officer pointed in the general direction and said it was across from the main stage.

Again, I cautiously headed off to find the booth, but couldn’t see it in the glare. I hear a voice call out, “Hi, Mr. Psychopath Central!” 🙂  Just kidding again!  The guy greeted me by my name.  It was a Greenbelt acquaintance of mine named Eric. Me says, “Hi, Eric!! Could you please help me find the information booth?” Eric leads me around and asks someone else in the crowd, who points out the booth. Eric gets me to the booth and goes on his way.

At the information booth, I ask if anyone had turned in a wallet. Everyone at the booth says, “Wallet? No, we don’t have a wallet?” Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no! Me says, “The police office told me Linda What’s-Her-Name had taken care of it.” One of the men staffing the booth says, “Linda? She’s my wife. She’s walking the grandkids around, let me call her.” Whips out his cell phone, and reports back to me, “She’ll be here in 5 minutes.”

I seriously wanted to smooch the woman, and would have if her husband wasn’t standing there!!! Got my wallet and hot-footed it home. Okay, maybe not so “hot”-footed, but “cautious”-footed.

Greenbelt can really be an amazing town sometimes!! If any one of those string of kind people hadn’t popped up to help me, including whoever found the wallet and turned it in, I’d be in a world of hurt!!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! And I’m gonna have to find a wallet that I Velcro to whatever jeans or shorts I’m wearing.

Here’s a short video I took of some of the Greenbelt Labor Day festivities:

Lesson Learned:  There are some genuinely kind people in this world.  Get out there and enjoy them and don’t waste your time on those … pppppeople I warned I wasn’t going to mention.  🙂  Forgot to say … the corn dogs were yummy!!

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