A kind heart would write a blog devoted to his journey and to his healing, with the hope that it might lift spirits, inform, and bring humor.  If part of his journey involved close encounters with psychopaths, he’d be a fool not to expect blowback from the minions and other psychopaths.  Many things I am, but despite being duped, a fool is not one of them.  I’ve read some blogs, articles, and books written by apparently self-avowed sociopaths (or that’s how I’ve understood what I’ve read).  Sam Vaknin is among the most odious of the self-avowed and reputedly diagnosed malignant narcissists.  Google his name or browse Amazon and YouTube, and you’ll find plenty.  While he openly admits that he would rather be hated and feared than loved, he rakes in big bucks by selling his tripe and offering his advice to victims. He’s creepy.   One blog I’ve read, which seems to written by a self-avowed sociopath, I won’t mention lest I’ve misread.  But that author’s advice and opinions are at least more straightforward.  Anyone who dares to write about their experiences with psychopaths will know about the “blowback” I’m referring to.

With my life experiences, I’ve already endured just about every insult in the book.  One person who commented on my post How to Detect a Liar wrote,“I suppose the lying is just ONE of the many, many traits they all posses. Sad thing is, when confronted with their lies with positive proof, they then turn that around and attack YOU.”  So true, so true.  If you don’t already have a thick skin by the time you find yourself ensnared with a psychopath, you soon will find that you do have a thick skin, and you will sit back an laugh at their pathetic attempts at attack.  It’s a hilarious day when a perpetrator of incest wants to hurl insults!!! 

One doesn’t get a degree in computer science lacking some amount of brains.  For those who might not realize, when a comment is made to a blog post, the blog owner gets the email address and IP address of the sender, and a few other tidbits.  It’s not hard to do an IP address look-up, and it really ain’t hard to add 2 + 2.  So noted, and archived, Cockroach, and thank you for giving me my chuckle of the day!


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12 Responses to Cockroaches….

  1. Tela says:

    I love the comparison with cockroaches. I do have to say, I’m going to venture out here and say that some troll from your past has commented on your blog?! If that is the case, then touche’ to you for calling them out~ sad the abusers cannot find their own path, yet have to mimic our’s, or try and put up road blocks!!! 🙂

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    • DogDharma says:

      You’d be correct in your assumption, Tela. I’ve had more than one cockroach come slithering from the woodwork. Silly threats like “I’m contacting the police,” as if Scotland Yard is going to fly over here and arrest me in handcuffs for writing the truth. It seems my blog is their favorite reading material. I’m half-tempted to write a post on psychopath humor and include a photo of a large can of cockroach repellent! 🙂


      • Tela says:

        the only thing a Sociopath/Psychopath fears is………..EXPOSURE. So I say Do it!! 😉

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      • chemire says:

        Oddly enough, the one my mother married would just shrug and say, “Yep,” if you confronted him with being a coward, a liar, et cetera. He didn’t bother masking after the first couple of years. Some of them just don’t give a shit to the point that even masking becomes more effort than they care to invest.

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  2. DogDharma says:

    I don’t think they realize how much restraint I’ve granted thus far. I’m not a packrat when it comes to things, but when it comes to documents, love letters, emails, photographs, Skype conversations … I have reams of irrefutable, hard evidence. I’ve selectively posted a wee bit, but I really don’t like to be goaded. Goading only tempts me to unleash the lot of it and let the sh*t hit the fan.


  3. chemire says:

    Quite frankly, my roaches are insulted. They are noble feeder insects who keep my bearded dragon fat and happy and resent being compared to such uselessness. ;p

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  4. DogDharma says:

    Ah, chemire, I meant to offense to your noble feeder insects. I’ll have to write a bug post in repentance. 🙂 Have you seen the movie “Seven Years in Tibet”? The only Westerner allowed into Tibet was a German man who was befriended and became the tutor of the young Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama wanted the German man to build a little movie theater for him in Lhasa. So the Tibetan Buddhist monks were tasked with beginning to dig for the foundation. But they encountered a problem — the earthworms. So rather than using any kind of shovels or digging instruments, the monks scooped out the soil with their bare hands, and carefully moved the earthworms so a safer haven! Except for wasps, to which I’m lethally allergic, and mosquitoes who seem to enjoy dining on my particular blood type, I’m very bug-friendly. 🙂


    • chemire says:

      It was mainly meant as a touch of humor. In truth they are too busy eating to care much about their reputation. I have not seen that; I don’t watch much TV or many movies. But it sounds very good. Panzaism is an interesting belief. I basically subscribe to it, although in a more practical, everyday manner than the monks! I might accidentally kill a worm or bug here or there – but I often feel compelled to apologize. XD I basically like everything when you get down to it. Life is basically neat.


      • DogDharma says:

        I have never heard of Panzaism, and had to look it up:

        Panzaism: Seeing the most extraordinary things as ordinary and rational.

        At first, I read it as panda-ism and thought you had a think for those black and white bears. 🙂 Then I thought about the German Panzers of WWII. Would have flunked that vocabulary quiz. 🙂

        The movie IS very good as it’s a true story based on the book written by the German bloke about his experiences in Tibet, with the blessing of the Dalai Lama. His goal was to climb the Himalayas, but WWII broke out. He was trying to get back to Germany, so he had to pass through India — not a good place for a German to be in territory controlled by England. Found himself in prisoner of war camp, escaped, and decided to go east and attempt to get home through China / Japan. Kept trying to get past the border into Tibet, but was turned back by the Tibetans who didn’t allow foreigners in their land. Really amazing how he finally adventured his way to Lhasa and was the first Westerner allowed to remain there. Then his friendship and tutorship of the young Dalai Lama blossomed, and he was transformed from a chump to a really decent guy. The movie over-glorified Tibet a little, but it was still an interesting book to read and movie to watch.


      • chemire says:

        That’s an interesting definition… the one I’m familiar with basically states that panzaism is the belief that God/whatever is manifest in everything, including things like dirt, poop, and bugs, which most people would not think of as divine. Maybe I’m remembering the wrong word for the idea? Dammit. Oh well. You get the idea anyhow. x.x

        Tibet has suffered from a lot of demonization and belittling by China so it’s often tempting for others to lionize it.


  5. DogDharma says:

    chemire, I meant to reply to your comment re: the one your mother married. I’ve never known one to say “yep” and admit what they have done. Confronting them can sometimes earn one a modicum of temporary respect which quickly evaporates. Otherwise, when confronted, I’ve seen them do the following:

    1) give a faux-apology, IF they are still trying to love-bomb you
    2) tell even grander and more ludicrous lies, testing to see how much they can get away with
    3) go into a fit of rage or violence
    4) dish up word-salad, so that they never actually respond to the issue
    5) project the blame, accusing you of what they’ve done
    6) sic their minions on you, to bully you or to “corroborate” their lies
    7) gas-lighting, to make you think YOU are the crazy one

    And a few other things. If one of them said, “Yep, I did it, so what?” I think I’d faint. At least it would be an honesty of sorts.

    I’m sorry you went through that, though. 😦 No one ever, ever, ever deserves what a psychopath does to them.


    • chemire says:

      That was his way of manifesting the “I don’t give a damn about anyone else” trait they all share. He masked at first, and used some of those tactics at first, but after a few years, once we’d figured him out and he knew we had, maintaining it all became way more effort than it was worth. He only did it just enough to keep Mom from divorcing him (and eventually, once he’d drained off all the money, not even that.) He was more parasitic than predatory and so it really didn’t matter if his victims called him on it – he had already mostly gotten what he wanted. Our good opinion was not required, only access to our bank account.


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