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You know me, but I don’t know you!  I’ve had readers from every continent except Antarctica — unless Greenland is a continent? methinks not!).  My most devoted readers are in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and I know who a few of you are.  🙂  But I’ve also had readers as far afield as Russia, Japan, Greece, Singapore, Columbia, Pakistan, Ghana, the United Arab Emirates, and  the Isle of Man.  Who are you people? 

Leave me a comment and tell me where you’re from and how you found my blog.  “Like” my posts and I’m sure to approve your comment.  Disagree nicely and respectfully, and I’ll approve your thoughts.  Attacks, abuse,  and nefarious insults will land you in the spam folder.  Give me something challenging to think about, and you might inspire a new post!

I think I’ve made pretty good progress for a blog I only started in earnest to write a few weeks ago.  Thank you for taking the time to read!


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About DogDharma

Dog Dharma is written by a human who loves dogs and who believes dogs have attained enlightenment. The human behind Dog Dharma came from humble origins, has faced many trials, enjoyed many adventures, and taken a path less traveled. He claims no special privilege or expertise, and remains humble. Dog Dharma‘s author has learned a few things along the way, and has much yet to learn. He has been told by many people that he has a talent for writing, and aspires to write a book, but is a little too lazy and disorganized, so his blog will suffice for now. He opens a window into his life in the hope that some of his words may be of comfort, some may be a beacon or warning, and perhaps he will connect with like-minded souls. Everything shared comes from a place of openness and honesty, but with no claim that he possesses the Truth. People and places mentioned should be taken as pseudonyms. In many cases, details may be an amalgamation of actual events disguised to protect the “innocent.” Nothing written is to be taken as actual fact, but as the author of Dharma Dog‘s limited understanding. From the mouths of the Beatles: In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make
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12 Responses to Hello, My Blog Readers!

  1. maggyann says:

    Well you ‘know’ me (sort of eh?).
    Meg, Meggie, Maggie, Maggyann and any other combo you care to come up with as long as it isn’t rude.
    I am in Nottingham England though I am from Scotland originally (West Coast – Ayrshire).
    I have been encouraged by you to start blogging myself and so have been slowly adding some of my ‘verses’ here on WordPress (sometimesryhming).
    Pop over and see if you like, though I think so far of what I have posted you have already seen them all.
    I intend posting some of my others soon – others in the sense of not quite so damned depressing…
    Keep on blogging 🙂

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    • DogDharma says:

      Thank you, Maggie!! I think we are all aiming for the “not quite so damn depressing,” but blogging is a way to release it. I hope you continue to share!

      I’m really miffed that I never had the promised opportunity to see Scotland while I was in the UK. Maybe someday! I’d never wear a kilt and couldn’t play bagpipes is I wanted to, but I love the music and the culture. What is Nottingham like?

      Thank you for reply! 🙂


  2. maggyann says:

    Nottingham my dear is pretty good. Very clean, great bus service etc. It is a university city so pretty vibrant at night (not that I’d know about that – early bed me), it also has a good theatre and of course the ice-rink place whatsit which is extremely popular. The most interesting fact about Nottingham apart from the usual gumph about Robin Hood and all that… well the most interesting thing from my point of view is that Nottingham Castle is not a castle at all… so there!!!
    And just what is wrong with chappies in kilts I have to ask??? Better than droopy drawers or too tight jeans I say, damned bloody lovely actually… 🙂

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  3. DogDharma says:

    Nottingham sounds lovely. I never got to see the famed forest either, but Robin Hood, gumph? He was one of my childhood heroes! I guess kilts are okay to look at on others, actually kind of fun. But I think you have to have the legs for them. Okay, I’ve been told I have the “legs,” but then there’s the updrafts that I’d worry about, and I haven’t worn anything close to a skirt in almost 30 years! Don’t do droopy or too-tight jeans. Just give me a nice compy pair of jeans, worn long enough that they are beginning to fade, and I’m happy. 🙂

    England is full of things that aren’t what they are — I loved Yorkshire pudding, but *where* was the pudding?? 🙂


  4. Sheila says:

    Hi Terry, Sheila here your blog posts what I have read make for some very interesting often sad but never dull reading and as I said to you before I think you are a great writer with a good use of words….If I may say it, I now think that you are the man that you should always have been ! nature is funny is it not? but you found yourself and you righted a wrong……Terry I lead such a very busy but often dull life so I don’t have the time as I would like to settle down and read all of your blogs so forgive me if I don’t always leave a comment….Terry if I may I would just like to leave a comment for Maggie on your comments board if that is alright assuming Maggie will read this…… Maggie I live on the south west coast of Scotland Dumfries & Galloway not far from Ayrshire a lovely part of the UK…..Like Maggie Terry you also have inspired me to maybe start blogging but where do I start?…..Keep on Terry.

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    • DogDharma says:

      Maggie, I had no clue that Yorkshire pudding was served with prunes, mine was always the little “bowls” served with lots of gravy, along side slices of beef and roasted potatoes — yummy! I could make a whole meal out of Yorkshire pudding. From what I gather, “pudding” in Brit-speak refers to what Americans would call “desert.” And for Americans, “pudding” refers to a certain kind of desert — chocolate pudding, a creamy soft mix. It might not be chocolate, might be strawberry or something else, but still a creamy soft mix. “Trenchers,” I don’t guess I ever encountered, but oh could I use some fish and chips! 🙂


    • DogDharma says:

      {{{hugs}}} Sheila, such kind words. I am indeed the man I should have always been, even though I lack the happiness of a family. My story is sad, but so many of us have sad stories to tell. And I *have* tried to right a wrong. Thank you for seeing that. I’m hoping that my future blog posts will be so sunny, everyone will be bored to tears.

      It’s very easy to start a blog on WordPress. Just sign up, choose a template, and start writing. It’s pretty much intuitive, as you are given an editor that allows you to bold, underline, italicize, insert pictures, and videos. The menus can be a bit daunting at first, but you’ll get the hang of them with some experimentation. I’d love to read what you have to share!! Truly!!


  5. maggyann says:

    Yorkshire pudding? HHmmm
    Well the thing is in the olden days as it were you would (if you lived in Yorkshire of course – being this is the olden days remember – nobody else had ever heard of Yorkshire pudding see), yes anyway as I was saying you would get an individual circular (sort of bowl shaped), Yorkshire pudding with your meat, veg and potatoes in, a sort of plate as it were, a bit like trenchers of old which were slabs of stale bread used as plates… I do go off at tangents eh?
    Back to Yorkshire pudding, so you would eat up your veg and meat like a good chappie leaving the pudding untouched (or maybe slightly nibbles if such was your wont… and then SPLAT! you’d get a dollop of stewed prunes or whatever dumped into your empty pudding ‘bowl’ for… well pudding I suppose. You munched up prunes and batter pudding too.
    Helped fill you up cheaply, made for less washing up and simple to make.
    There do you ‘gerrit’ now???

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  6. Tela says:

    Well you ‘know’ me….lol by way of blog world. I live in the States, the great wonderful state of Texas. Yes, I say ‘ya’ll and have that southern accent ya’ll find intriguing! LOL. Love your blog! I also appreciate every comment you leave on one of my post~ always gives me more ‘food for thought’. ❤

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    • DogDharma says:

      Tela, love your blog! I grew up in Arkansas, so could you manage to wiggle some fried catfish or fried okra into one of you posts? 😉 I am not a sports fan, but still remember the days of “Woooo pig soooooie!” and “Hook ’em horns!” 🙂 Thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing your own wisdom. ❤


  7. I had to laugh at this since I just today posted about Greenland and how it eludes me…and only one blogger I know has had any views from there.

    If you care to read: http://annstvincent.com/2014/08/26/wtf-greenland-dont-you-love-me/

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