Dribs and Drabs of Nothing and Everything

The Marriage

Marriage - Edited

The Fiction

This is the “mask” I was presented with:

Love You - 1

A birthday card from my wife, October 2010…

Love You - 2

Our first Christmas together, December 2010…

The Reality

Lie About House - Edited

Spring 2011, finally learned the truth…

Paying the Piper

Money - B&B - 1 Money - B&B - 2 Money - Computer

Two of countless receipts for stays at B&B’s when I had to flee from my wife’s rages, plus my purchase of a laptop computer for Paula (sorry it is blurry).  Total cost for these items alone, £805.

A repeat, I know, but be sure to catch the part where she mentions that Orange, her mobile carrier at the time, was about to be cut off.  Just a small bit of a larger sob story she was using to extract money from me, playing on my sympathies while courting Claire, unbeknownst to both of us:



Collateral Damage

From Kids - 1 - Edited From Kids - 2 - Edited From Kids - 2.5 From Kids - 3 - Edited

Just a small selection of a large stack of cards and drawings Paula’s kids made for me.  And a quote from an email from Paula dated November 26, 2012, as she was trying to convince me to return to the UK::

…and believe me had i thought for ONE moment you had been hateful or cruel to my kids  we wouldnt be doing this now.



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4 Responses to Dribs and Drabs of Nothing and Everything

  1. chemire says:

    It’s always especially sad when kids get caught in the middle of this sort of thing. It must have been heartbreaking to get close to them, and then all this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. DogDharma says:

    chemire, yes, more heart-breaking than I can convey. Zero consideration given to whether they might want to maintain contact with me, and zero consideration given to how it hurt me to lose them. I read books with them, tended to them when they were sick (my wife had a phobia about vomit and so I was always the one nursing them and cleaning up after them), went to football games, and they confided in me. One had bad problems with nightmares, and I gave her a technique for what to think about while going to sleep (imagining and decorating her “dream house”) to help take her mind off of whatever was troubling her. I went to doctor appointments, and was in on school conferences. Being a “daddy” meant everything to me, especially since I’d lost my own father when I was young. My wife’s son particularly like a book by David Williams, so I bought him several other books by the same author. I did my level best to be a stabilizing influence despite the chaos.

    Their biological fathers were completely out of the picture, and one really has to wonder. I was told from the get go that I wasn’t the first man my wife “had brought home and had the kids calling him daddy.” Now they probably think that I abandoned them like their biological fathers did, when that’s not the case at all. And furthermore, they are being taught that it’s just fine, proper, and right for their mum to move right on without bothering to get a proper divorce. One can’t help but see the pattern, and I’m afraid all involved are only in for more hurt.

    Sorry to go on a bit, but I really do care about those kids.

    Liked by 1 person

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