Real Friendship


So, I have this friend, L.  We don’t live in the same town, or even the same state.  We have never met in person, but have exchanged emails and talked daily on the phone for about 7 months now, I think.  She is happily married, with grown children.  L has gotten me through some very dark moments. and I hope I’ve returned the favor.  Fairly confident I have a time or two at least.  🙂

L is a hoot!  She’s the best Internet detective I’ve ever known, and I used to consider myself fairly good.  But at the same time, she has shared with me some of her technology foibles, which make me giggle.  I’d tell some of them, but I don’t want to invade her privacy

L has heard my story (with great patience) from beginning to end.  Including that I am transgendered.  Our common bond is surviving a close encounter with a psychopath.  Her story is slightly different from mine, but once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.  Recently, L told me that she is a Republican!!  I thought she was pulling my leg!!  Seriously!  A Republican who wants to be friends with someone who was a former lesbian and now a transgendered man??  I think L was a bit worried that I wouldn’t like her any more after she confided her secret.  Naw, no way — I accept people as they are, if they are “good people,” and L is definitely “good people.”  Even if they are Republicans.  🙂

Now we can argue politics, but with humor.  Our first political debate, I pointed out that George W. Bush took more vacation days at taxpayer expense than Barack Obama.  I quickly Googled the facts, and got her goat on that one.  🙂  We’re close in age, so we can reminisce about the Carter and Reagan years, and other prior presidential elections. 

Well, I was feeling pretty blue when I finally woke up today.  I hadn’t heard from L, which was atypical for a normal day.  Then I checked my email, and found that L had sent me a poem — she’s very creative!  It was just what I needed:

There was a P, Had hooks in me

As I struggled to get free

My mind was turned, And then I learned

That P she had no real concern

I felt such shame, Yes, I was blamed

Reality became deranged

North was South, and East was West

My whirling mind it got no rest

Pieced together what was true

After we were done and through

Then the truth began to shine

Like sparkling diamonds in a mine

I found some peace, I found some rest

After that extreme duress

And now I’m happy with just me

From her grasp, I’m finally free.

Friends are priceless, especially when they will stick with you through the dark times.  Thank you, L!!


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