Family Secrets

Family secrets are strange.  There are big secrets and there are little secrets.  And then there are secrets that will blow your mind.  I guess in some ways I was lucky, being an only child.  I came across an interesting news story from a British newspaper:

John Prescott breaks down as he discovers family’s incest secret

This story struck a chord for me, as my wife and I had made a road trip to Prestatyn, Wales, where it happened Mr. Prescott was born.  And one of my quirky interests is genealogical research.  The newspaper article says that Mr. Prescott wept when he discovered his family secret. 

My family has had its secrets, but not on this scale.  And they were more awkward situations or uncomfortable circumstances that couldn’t be swept under the rug than true “secrets.”  Everyone knew about them, and they were dealt with — sometimes with strife and sometimes with grace.  It’s no secret that I’m transgendered — can’t be swept under the rug.

Other families have secrets, damaging secrets.  Victims protect perpetrators so their own shame won’t be exposed.  But sometimes the best disinfectant is fresh air and sunlight.  Just something I’m pondering as I get ready for a busy day…

skeletons in the closet_preview


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2 Responses to Family Secrets

  1. Reading that article about Prescott’s family really turned my stomach, how could any father & daughter do that… ugggh

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  2. DogDharma says:

    Ooops, tj, just saw your comment. Apparently, I missed the notification.

    It turns my stomach as well, and I don’t begin to understand. I just know that dirty little family secrets like these are toxic for everyone involved, and trickle down to future generations if not dealt with.

    If you have the “stomach” for it, Google Ronald Gene Simmons and read a story more horrific than you can imagine. Or take a look at the Wikipedia article about him:

    It took place in my home state of Arkansas while I lived there, and was shattering. The surname is kinda ironic.


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