A Victim’s Traits — And Using Them for Healing

Tela has done an excellent job of summarizing common traits of people who fall prey to psychopaths here, as well as the “traits” you will experience in the aftermath:

A Victims Traits.

There’s not a heck of a lot more that I could add.  I do think it is important not to blame yourself.  Most of the traits are positive and make the world a better place.  Some of the “less positive” traits arise not from personal failings but from unfortunate life experiences.  It’s also important to not take being targeted by a psychopath personally.  They are creatures of opportunity, and will take whoever crosses their path that will suit their immediate needs.  It’s not about you!  Some seem to go for the most vulnerable people they can find, while others seem to prefer the challenge of destroying a person who is doing well.

Healing is a rocky journey, so when you examine these traits, you will think, “How bad and miserable am I?!?”  But now you will have pin-pointed your Achilles heel, and you will s-l-o-w-l-y begin to find new and better ways of coping.  You will never be the “old you,” trusting blindly.  But you will be an “improved” you, on a trajectory of personal growth.  Love yourself, be gentle with yourself, be patient with yourself.  Express your pain in writing, drawing, photography, poetry, music, dancing.  Let the pain flow and let the pain go.  Enter the stream of life again, take risks, but with eyes wide open.  Treasure the good souls who come your way and repay their kindness.  These are things your psychopath will never be able to do!



IMPORTANT NOTE:  All views are an expression of my opinion only.


About DogDharma

Dog Dharma is written by a human who loves dogs and who believes dogs have attained enlightenment. The human behind Dog Dharma came from humble origins, has faced many trials, enjoyed many adventures, and taken a path less traveled. He claims no special privilege or expertise, and remains humble. Dog Dharma‘s author has learned a few things along the way, and has much yet to learn. He has been told by many people that he has a talent for writing, and aspires to write a book, but is a little too lazy and disorganized, so his blog will suffice for now. He opens a window into his life in the hope that some of his words may be of comfort, some may be a beacon or warning, and perhaps he will connect with like-minded souls. Everything shared comes from a place of openness and honesty, but with no claim that he possesses the Truth. People and places mentioned should be taken as pseudonyms. In many cases, details may be an amalgamation of actual events disguised to protect the “innocent.” Nothing written is to be taken as actual fact, but as the author of Dharma Dog‘s limited understanding. From the mouths of the Beatles: In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make
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